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Problems with Sellers

The Seller hasn’t Contacted Me
Problems receiving e-mails
If you have problems receiving mail from other members or from UrSouq it may be because your junk filter is diverting mail to junk.
If you have not heard from your buyer or seller please check your junk mail carefully.
Ensure that you add the UrSouq e-mail address to your contacts list. Mail from us will be sent from this address: mail@www.ursouq.com
If your seller hasn’t contacted you within a week, please post feedback.
Traders who frequently refuse to complete transactions will have their membership suspended or terminated.
The Seller Refuses to Complete the Sale
If the seller refuses to complete the sale we would be grateful if you would place feedback about the seller and inform us. We will record it on file. Sellers who repeatedly back out of auctions will have their membership suspended or terminated.
The Seller hasn’t Sent the Goods
Items purchased on UrSouq must not be posted, but the seller may use another person as an agent to deliver the item.  If the seller said he would deliver the goods, but you have not received them, contact the seller and make new arrangements for delivery.  If you still do not receive the item please place feedback about the seller, and contact us on members@www.ursouq.com
The Seller Withdrew the Item from the Auction
The seller may have a good reason for withdrawing an item from the auction.
We keep records when an item is withdrawn and sellers who withdraw items regularly may have their membership suspended or terminated.
The Seller has Placed Unfair Feedback About Me
UrSouq will not get involved in disputes between members about feedback.
Once feedback has been posted it cannot be changed.
Please make sure your feedback is fair.
If someone gives you poor feedback it will not affect your trading unless you consistently get poor feedback.
The Seller is Being Abusive
Please report bad behaviour of members to UrSouq and we will take appropriate action.
The Seller is Trying to Negotiate a Higher Price
Trying to negotiate a different price after an auction has closed above reserve, is against our terms and conditions.
The selling price has already been negotiated during the auction and neither the seller or the buyer should try to negotiate further after the auction. Once the auction has closed the buyer and seller are considered to have shaken hands on the deal, and drunken coffee, and the price is no longer negotiable.
We advise you to stick to the auction selling price, give poor feedback on the seller and contact us on members@www.ursouq.com. We will record it on file. A seller who repeatedly tries to negotiate a higher price after the auction closes may have his/her membership suspended or terminated.
The Seller is not Located in Oman
Sellers must be located in Oman. If your seller is not located in Oman please report him/her by clicking on the whistle on the listing, and then check the seller is not located in Oman.
The Buyer is Under 18 years old
UrSouq members must be able to form legally binding contracts and therefore must be over 18 years old. Parents may buy items for their children. If you suspect that your buyer is under 18 ask if you may deal with his/her parents. If you suspect that a member is under 18 please contact us using the whistle symbol on the listing.