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UrSouq Feedback System

We ask buyers and sellers to rate each other using the following guidelines:
+2 If your buyer or seller was courteous and honest, and easy to contact. The goods were described accurately, the sale proceeded smoothly at the agreed price, and you would feel happy to deal with that person again.
+1 If the sale proceeded but you had problems making contact, or the buyer or seller didn’t keep appointments with you, or you had difficulty arranging pickup or delivery of the item.
0 The sale proceeded but you are not completely happy with the outcome. Perhaps the item was not quite as good as you expected from the description, or the buyer or seller tried to negotiate a different price after the auction.
-1 The description of the goods was inaccurate, or your buyer or seller refused to proceed with the trade at the agreed selling price, or for some reason you would not like to deal with him/her again.
-2 If the sale did not proceed at all through no fault of your own.
We add up your feedback. When you have 10 points we will display a flower next to your username on your listings. When you reach 100 points we will display 2 flowers, and at 500 points we will display 3 flowers. At 1000 points you will get a posy. At 5000 points you will get 2 posies, and then at 10000 points you will get a whole bouquet! An UrSouq bouquet is a symbol of reliability and excellent trading practice.