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After the Auction - Buying

Making Contact
If the auction reaches the reserve price, the seller will be sent the buyer’s contact details. This will include the preferred language of the buyer, the preferred payment method, and the preferred method of pickup/delivery. The seller should try to contact the buyer by e-mail as soon as possible, sending his/her contact telephone numbers.
In the seller’s My UrSouq the item will appear in My Sold Items and the e-mail address of the buyer will be displayed.
The seller and buyer should arrange payment and pickup or delivery. Items must not be posted, but the seller may use another person as an agent to deliver the item.  The buyer, or another person acting for him, should ensure that he/she has examined the item and is satisfied with it, before paying the seller or his/her agent.
Problems Completing the Sale
If the seller hasn’t contacted you within one week of the sale, or if they did e-mail you but now you are having problems making contact, and they do not respond to your e-mails and phone calls. Continue to try to contact him/her for about a week.
Problems Receiving E-mails
If you have problems receiving mail from other members or from UrSouq it may be because your junk filter is diverting mail to junk.
If you have not heard from your buyer or seller please check your junk mail carefully.
Ensure that you add the UrSouq e-mail address to your contacts list. Mail from us will be sent from this address: mail@www.ursouq.com
If you have been unable to make contact within a week, or, if you have made contact, but the seller is refusing to complete the sale, please post feedback.
Traders who frequently refuse to complete transactions will have their membership suspended or terminated.
The Auction did not Reach the Reserve Price
If the auction doesn’t reach the reserve price the seller may offer the item at a fixed price.  If you have bid on the auction, asked questions about about the item, or put the listing on your shopping list, the fixed price offer will appear on the listing in your Shopping List.
Fixed Price Offers
If the auction did not reach the reserve price by the close time, sellers can offer the item to their bidders, to those who had asked questions, and to those who had added the item to their shopping list, for a fixed price.
If you see a fixed price offer on a listing in your Shopping List you can accept or decline it from there.
Placing Feedback
We ask all buyers and sellers to give us feedback about the members they traded with. Other members can view this feedback to help them to assess whether a member is a reliable trader.