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You have be UrSouq member to be able to place  a bid.
To place your bid enter the amount you wish to bid and click Place Bid. You may select to be notified by e-mail when someone else bids more than you.
If you are the highest bidder at the close of the auction, then you are the winning bidder. both  the seller and  the buyer will receive and each other contact details.
You can only bid on items listed on your country, but you can contact the advertisers in any other listed country.  

Minimum Bid Increments
A minimum bid increment is the next smallest bid amount allowed. Bidders may bid more than the minimum bid increment, but not less. The minimum bid increments depend on the price of the item and are:
Price Next Bid Increment
Up to OR 5.000 OR 0.100
OR 5.001-10.000 OR 0.250
OR 10.001-50.000 OR 1.000
OR 50.001-100.000 OR 2.500
OR 100.001-500.000 OR 10.000
OR 500.001-1000.000 OR 25.000
OR 1000.001-5000.000 OR 100.000
Over OR 5000.000 OR 250.000
E-mail Alerts
You can elect to receive e-mail alerts when someone else bids on an item you are bidding for.  You are advised to watch the bidding closely in the last hour of an auction for an item that you want to buy.  Your e-mail alert may not reach you in time for you to place a bid before the close of the auction.
Removing Bids
you can request to have your bid removed by Ursouq. You only allowed to have 3 bids removal requests per year